A friend of mine is heading out to take photos tomorrow at Mary Bartleme Park and it reminded me of this shot I took one evening. Every month I organize a group of photographers for a Drink & Click event. Drink & Click is an organization with groups of photographers all over the world. Every month we get a theme to shoot for and participants can enter up to three images taken during the event to be eligible to win prizes. Our Chicago chapter runs anywhere from 2-15 people usually and is a good group to hang out with. I try to keep this light-hearted, fun and not too serious. Do we talk about photography? Sure. Do we learn from each other? Of course. That’s all part of the fun as well. Mostly though it’s social, gets us out of our houses and out taking photos. If you are in the Chicago area or ever visiting please check my events calendar or contact me directly and I will always try to set up an event when someone is visiting from out of town.


The theme for this shot? Framed. Here are a few of the other shots I took to fit that theme that night.

Themes make taking images more challenging, it pushes you to think about different ways and different things to shoot that you normally would not. Shooting themes is a really good way to get creative and also to help you out of a creative rut if you’re in one.

Questions? Just ask! Always happy to help. Hope you can join us someday.

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