Floral Friday

Ho Hum

Seriously haven’t been motivated to do much of anything lately. When I get like this I try to at least edit an image each day and even that is a struggle. 

I went out yesterday to drop off a piece of artwork to a gallery for a show next month. The town the gallery is in is home to Northwestern University and some really cool architecture. So I stopped, had lunch, chilled and debated about going to shoot. I did. It was hot and icky and I wasn’t really really feeling it but I was out shooting. Sometimes it’s important to just do that.

I do have a few cool architecture images, you know, that’s sort of my thing. But, I knew this flower with the grid background was a cool image, the problem is, I wasn’t patient, I was just shooting and moving on. So, it’s not sharp. I’ve deleted most of them already but I couldn’t delete them all because I think it’s a cool shot. So what do I do then? I play with Topaz Labs Texture effects to try to save the image.

Here is the result, just in time for Floral Friday! Interested in purchasing a print of any of these? Just click on the image.

Coming Back

Working slowly, very slowly on getting back to this stuff, and by stuff I mean my own work and business. Stay tuned for some options to learn from me.

With Appreciation ~

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