Stepping Back

Stepping Back

Taking a Break

What does that even mean anymore? Does everyone take breaks? It seems more and more in this society we are always “ON” or expected to be ON.

As a photographer/artist with a decent following on social media that being “ON” all the time becomes pressure. The pressure to create, the pressure to share, the pressure to engage, and the pressure to always have content. It’s what we’re ‘supposed to do’, right?  Who says?  Most of this pressure is self-inflicted, I realize that, but with my compass not exactly sure which way to point I feel like I need to step back from it all. I’m not quitting photography, I couldn’t do that, it’s part of who I am and my core being. Just stepping back to let life go, to just be. That means doing what I feel like doing at any given moment, clearing out the excess both in my head and in my house.

This, combined with the fact that my mother passed last month, has left me feeling a little lost. This isn’t new over the last several months, my focus was on her, helping her and being there for her as it should have been. It gave me a lot of time to think about so many things.


I’ve never been one to follow the trend. Why on earth do I want to be like everyone else? Why do I want to do what everyone else is doing? I don’t. I never have. This translates to my work and you can read about it in an earlier blog post I did

I’m still in that place of what, where and how am I doing what I do. I have no idea right now. You know what? That’s ok. I don’t have to know at this moment. We all need to learn to step back and let ourselves just be sometimes.

Why Am I Telling You this?

While it may not really matter I guess I felt that I should just put this out there for those few of you who actually read this and may be wondering where I am or where I’ve been lately. I do have some really cool things to share and if the timing is everything, well then I’ll be totally off in sharing them when I get back to this. Again, it’s ok. I’ll tell my stories and share my news when I want to. So what they already happened. They still happened.  What will I be doing? More reading. More cleaning out the house and getting rid of so much stuff that is not needed. I will be doing a little bit of necessary travel to take care of mom’s estate. The camera will come with me to North Dakota but not to Texas. I’ll be working with Mike to plan a trip in October. Will I be out shooting? Can’t say really, if the mood strikes then I will. I am not going to force it. In the end, the images I take when I’m forcing myself to get out are usually what I consider crap. I will be continuing with my Series of 9 over on Instagram though, it’s a good way go through my archives, edit and cull images that have been sitting on my hard drive for years and share them. Follow along there (they actually post over to Facebook & Twitter as well if you’re not on Instagram.)  I actually plan to work on things behind the scenes as well, I seem to always neglect the things that could actually bring in an income. (duh)

Thanks for listening, you know even just writing some of this stuff out helps.

One last thing, remember this:

you are important

With Appreciation 

~    Lauri




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  1. All the very best of luck to you and your husband Lauri. You have been a real great friend and I am sure that we will see you around every now and then. Kind regards and go well!!

    1. Thank you so much Alan. People like you are the reason I continue to do what I do. I will still be posting a daily image (mostly) so I’m not disappearing completely. Just, let’s say, re-focusing. 😉

  2. It is good to step back, to reflect. After all that you have been through, I am glad to see you are taking it slow and making time for yourself. Remember too, your friends are always here. I hope you count me as one of them.

    1. It’s necessary I think in order to grow and move forward. Thank you, Ginnie and I look forward to finally meeting you in July.

  3. Be Careful….Walk to far away and you might not come back. But whoever said that was a bad thing. 🙂

    1. I miss you Jake! I don’t think I could ever step fully away from photography. From the internet? Maybe. Thanks for chiming in!

  4. I miss you already Lauri. I always enjoy our time together.

    1. I’ll be around some. Hopefully for May’s Drink & Click, otherwise we’ll just go play on a Friday!

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