Architecture Calls to Me

Architecture Calls to Me

Still Slumping

I’m still living in Slumpland a bit but slowly, slowly oh my gosh soooo slowly I’m crawling my way out of it. It’s funny what sometimes pushes us (aka kicks us in the rear) to take an action. For instance this blog post. I’ve had these images from last Sunday all week with the intention of writing up a little blog post about them. Ok, so it’s only been four days, that’s not so bad actually. I mean I have images and stories to tell from 2010. Give yourself a break. That’s a good lesson also. Ok, back to what pushed me to post this today.

I saw a post from Angie McMonigal today on some of the Brutalist Architecture in Chicago, mainly River City and it reminded me that I had these images I shot on Sunday. I was actually in Chinatown with the Drink & Click Chicago crew to shoot the Lunar New Year Parade. Those images can be found here on Flickr if you want to check them out. Too many people for me though so as per usual my eye was drawn to the architecture in and near the area.


I’ll leave you with the images of some of the great architecture down around Chinatown. Definitely, need to head back down there for more and to take a peek inside the really cool Chicago Library in Chinatown.

I thought the light/bright of the 311 South Wacker building looked kind of interesting against the Sear’s/Willis Tower.

The Hilliard Towers were created by Bertrand Goldberg and would be considered Brutalist style architecture.

Hilliard Towers Red LIne CTA Chicago

Bridge Bolts CTA Red Line Chicago

Just some interesting patterns and textures under the Cermak Red Line bridge.

One Museum Park

The top of the One Museum Park Building. One Museum Park is a skyscraper in Chicago, United States. It was designed by Chicago-based architecture firm Pappageorge Haymes, Ltd. and is located in the Near South Side community area.

I didn’t look up what building this might be but the balconies, windows, reflections and repetitive patterns caught my eye.

A couple more of the Hilliard Towers

Inspiration Comes From All  Over

Hopefully this little post will motivate me further to do more toward my photography work this weekend. Thank you for the inspiration, Angie!

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the images in this post you can click on them and they’ll take you to my site to purchase.

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