The Rig Theater – Premont, Texas

The Rig Theater – Premont, Texas

Pit Stops Along the Way

I had the chance to take a 24-hour break last week and took the time to drive from Brownsville up to Austin, TX. As I was making my way north I saw this place on the other side of the highway, almost turned around to go take a few shots but decided it would take me 5 days for a 5-6 hour drive if I stopped to shoot everything I saw.

Instead, I tucked it away in my brain and thankfully it was still there (the note in my brain, not the theater) as I made my way back the next day. I pulled off the highway and just wandered a little bit to get some shots of the Rig Theater in Premont, Texas. According to Opened in 1950, it had closed by 1980.

It would have been interesting to be able to get inside but it was locked up pretty tight.

Here are a few images I shot.

abandoned theater

abandoned theater

abandoned theater

abandoned theater

abandoned theater

abandoned theater

abandoned theater

New adventure

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here and wanted to share this new adventure/partnership I’m so excited to be part of.

Bagaceous Collections is a lifestyle brand. The artists are passionate about what they do and the belief that we should pay it forward whenever possible.

Check out my Car Collection of premium canvas gallery wraps. I can’t wait to see where this leads.

Happy New Year

I also would like to take this time to thank every one of you who follow me, who comment, like, love and interact with my social media and blog posts. I do this photography thing for me, to be honest that’s how it works best you know, but I also do it for others, to help someone have a better day, make someone smile or laugh, to show you the beauty in our world that isn’t always beautiful but can be found if you look. I wish you all joy and peace during this hectic and sometimes crazy time of year.

With Appreciation ~



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  1. What a cool place!! I love the shot with the coca-cola truck in the background, great timing!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. I saw the truck and knew I had to grab it in the shot!

  2. Great find Lauri. I’ve been documenting a number of old theaters, diners and drive-ins here in upstate New York and plan to show them in a gallery show next year. I enjoy researching their histories almost as much as photographing them.

    1. Thanks Carl, sounds like a really interesting project. It’s so sad to see so many beautiful buildings left to decay.

  3. Glad you stopped on the way back… and we got to see these beautiful photos of an abandoned cinema. That’s pretty much my dream photo location. Too bad you couldn’t go inside. But these outdoor shots with the old man-made colors and the sky colors are so beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much Luci, so glad I stopped on the way back too. I would love to have seen inside, kind of creepy though.

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