The Journey in this Photography Business Continues – Slowly

The Journey in this Photography Business Continues – Slowly

Hello there! Well it seems I’ve gotten off to a slow start here with my new site and keeping up with blog posts. It’s been a month, I suppose that is not so bad. The journey does continue though no matter how slow or how small of steps we take. Right? I’m very excited to share something that put me outside of my comfort zone this past week. You know what happens when you step outside of that warm and fuzzy place of comfort though don’t you? You grow, yep, you do.

How Did I Get Here?

Let me start by sharing a little of the backstory to this as it fits in with the topic. Several years ago when Google+ first started up I became involved with a huge photographic community. First by just interacting, posting and commenting on other photographer’s images and then by signing up for and participating in a mentorship program that it still in operation. Through that program I met mentor Ron Clifford, and through Ron (not only did I learn tons), he introduced me to Karen Hutton. That brings me to this past week through a very very short route.

With Karen in Grasse, France. Photo by Tanya Wallis


Exciting Collaboration

What did I do that was out of my comfort zone you ask? You did ask, didn’t you? I recorded a two-part blogcast with Karen. She asked, I said yes. How could I not? It’s all about exploring the business side of this photography thing we all do and love but with a twist. The twist of our Artistic Voice, which is what Karen is living and teaching others. It doesn’t just apply to our images and shooting, it also applies to how we operate our business and our lives for that matter. Whether you’re just having fun in photography, somewhat serious, very serious, amateur or professional the information in the blogcast can be applied in some way. Karen & I discuss in Part 5 & Part 6 (coming next week) some of the ins and outs of how we do what we do and how we have gotten to where we are. We are both in different places but much of the journey is similar.

The Everyday Genius of Your Artistic Voice

You can listen to or read the series here: Part 1 Part 2: Preparation Part 3: Appearance Q&A Part 4: Cameras & Gear Part 5: Art & Business Part 6: To Be Continued next week – stay tuned.   This was a great experience for me, albeit nerve wracking. Whew! I was so nervous you can hear me fidgeting in some places on the blogcast. Sorry about that! I hope you listen or read and if you have questions for Karen or myself ask away. If you ask here I’ll be sure to share your questions with her as well so we can both answer. If you want to follow me on this journey of mine please subscribe to my blog or sign up for not-so-often-or-regular updates. With Appreciation, Lauri

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  1. I didn’t hear any fidgeting noise in the background. You were amazing and sounded so relaxed. Loved it ?

    1. Thank you so much Jennifer, I appreciate you taking the time to listen and comment!

  2. Lauri fantastic blogcast. I had no idea you shot pre-schoolers in a studio. I’d love to know what that was like for you in terms of working out what you wanted to focus on and have you taken any of the learning from that into your other work (architectural etc)?

    1. Thank you Tiff! Good question, I’ll have to think about that and put my thoughts down in some form. I’ve not really thought about it that way. More of, I know this is NOT what I want to do. hahaha.

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