A Day at Mayo Clinic – Rochester, MN

Yesterday I drove up to Rochester, MN with my mom so she can hopefully find some relief from a cough she’s had for far too long.  Mayo Clinic is known for many things in the medical field and is one of the go to clinics in treating difficult cases through consultative care.  Today was just the initial consultation so we had time to do a little exploring, have a nice lunch and get to know our way around.

Mayo Clinic has several buildings which are all connected by either a subway or skyway system.  It’s a beautiful campus!  I had no idea.  So, while waiting or while wandering I just grabbed some shots with my phone.

(Click on an image and it will open up a larger view that you can scroll through and read the caption/location.)

If it works out I hope to take the walking tour to learn more – and share more.  In the meantime you can read about the clinic, what they offer, the art (including one of my faves Chihuly) and much more.

The images in this post were all shot with my mobile phone.  I’m hoping to have some time with my camera but that’s not what I’m here for so if it happens, it happens.  If not, I’m pretty sure I’ll make a 4-5 hour drive up here at some point just to shoot because as you can see it would be totally worth it!

Stay tuned for more from Mayo & a weekend trip to Winona. (If I get a chance to post!)


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