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I recently took a group of the Drink & Click Chicago Chapter to the Lincoln Park Conservatory and Zoo. 

If you’ve read about Drink & Click in a past post you know there are monthly themes, January was macro.  The conservatory offered up some really cool and unique subjects but that will be another “Short Story” post.  I’ve decided that in between my Story Telling posts I will be putting up some Short Stories.  The short stories will be quick, easy, shorter (mostly) posts about specific things that come up in the course of my life.  I already have a list of drafts for both short and long that could keep me busy for a month or so!

Prints & Other Things for Purchase

No, I’m not going to get all selly sell sell here.  I don’t like to push people to buy my work – even though it is a necessary evil at times from a business stand point.  What I’d rather do is put my work out there, talk about it once in awhile, show you some things from time to time and just get me, my story and my work out there.

Today after posting the second image in a series of two (is 2 a series?) some discussion came up about how it would look hanging.  Someone had interest in buying.  How should it be presented, framed, metal, matted, colors of frames and matts?  So, instead of just talking about it I thought I’d show you.

First, here are the two images.  They were taken at the Kovler Lion House at Lincoln Park Zoo.  These little birds were flitting in and out of the cage.

Jail Birds
Hanging in the Balance

I sell my work in a few places but the two main places are my website (of course) and Fine Art America.  I actually prefer to sell directly when possible so I can discuss options for printing, framing, size and anything else that makes it a more personalized experience!

With that said, on Fine Art America you can actually choose the different ways of framing by choosing them.  So I thought it would be fun to show you a few different ways with the Jail Bird image.

Black Frame – White Mat
White Frame – Black Mat
Gun Metal Frame – White Mat
Pink Frame – White Mat
Red Frame – White Mat
Black Frame – Yellow Mat
Metal Print

I thought the colors were sort of fun, modern and even more graphic looking.

Another option on Fine Art America are the things you can get the image printed on!

Shower Curtain

So?  What do you think?  Which ones do you like? Do you like a frame?  No frame?   If you really really like one of the image click on it and you can purchase it!  You’ll have to customize it the way you want it (it doesn’t save the options I’ve posted here.) Easy!

I’d love to know which framing option you prefer and why.  Let me know in the comments here.

Speaking of selling prints, stay tuned for an inventory sale that is in the works!

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  1. I love the one with the yellow mat! It would depend on the room it’s going in, but I love that warm, bright pop of yellow. Especially since it was a gloomy grey day here.

    1. I thought that one was really fun and graphic too! Would for sure have to have the right place to hang it!! Thanks Elizabeth!!

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