My New Favorite Tea Mugs

My New Favorite Tea Mugs


One day on the ship I noticed this little table set up in the ‘lobby’ area with china teacups and business cards.  I am kind of a sucker for really great bone china, cups, plates, pitchers, little creamers, etc.  So I grabbed a business card with the intent of looking up the website when I got home.

The trip goes on and each evening, because this was a photography symposium, we all gathered in the presentation room to go over the next day’s itinerary, tips and trips and to go through a few images that the passengers submitted.  Being photographers, we do what photographers do, we chat, we compare techniques, talk gear (me not so much), and we share our own experiences with each other.  Through this process, I had a few conversations about back button focusing in particular with Susan, a very lovely woman from Northamptonshire, England.

When I got home I pulled out the business card and once I got on the website I realized that Susan was Susan Rose of Susan Rose China!  I never knew that on the ship!  Patiently I waited as I knew from her own posts that she was working on an Arctic mug!  I’m so excited to have these – my new favorite mug to drink tea from.

So thank you, Susan, for your amazing artwork!  I love seeing what and how you create the beautiful pieces you create and I do hope that someday (maybe next year!) I’ll be able to visit the factory in person!

If you want to follow Susan’s work you can find her here:

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  1. I love when that happens!
    And how you put this shot together. I would love to sit and talk back button focusing with you as I have no clue. I know what you mean but don’t know how to do it. Maybe in Vegas??

    1. I will absolutely sit and chat with you about back button focus Cathy! And any number of other things in Vegas!! Yay!!! Thanks so much – I’ve had this in my head for awhile – finally just shut off work and took the camera out!!

    2. I love back button focus…encouraged by Lauri. Good luck with finding out all about it!

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