Chicago Riverwalk – A portion

Many of you know I organize the monthly Drink & Click events in Chicago.  If you’re not familiar check them out and if you’re from the area or visiting let me know so we can add to our awesome group!

February’s theme was bridges and well, Chicago has no shortage of those!  I found a new to me place for us all to get together first for food, drinks, discussions and introductions to the new people who showed up.   The Sidebar Grille was a perfect, better than average bar food choice, decent price for downtown and not a problem getting a spot for 10 of us.

Then we headed over to the Chicago Riverwalk. If you haven’t been downtown or to Chicago in awhile you’ll want to make sure to check out the all new, completed riverwalk.  I know the weather isn’t always perfect for this but we lucked out with 40F/5C temperatures on Friday night.  Perfect.  It’s going to be a wonderful place in the summer for hanging out, wandering and enjoying the city.

City Winery Chicago Riverwalk

stand-still-drink-click-crew-2017-lauri-novakOn to the shooting.  Chicago Bridges. Over. Under. On. We managed to make it from LaSalle Street down to Wabash Avenue.  When you’re shooting at night it’s a little bit slower paced, longer exposures mean less shots and waiting around in one place more than usual.  It’s a great time to compare notes, see what everyone else is shooting and just chat.

City Lights Dearborn Street Bridge
Spot the photographer

I really love to see the different perspectives everyone has.  It helps make me a better photographer, to push myself to look for new ways of shooting the same subject and to see things I may not have seen.

The structures under the bridges they’ve built are fascinating to me.  They offer up many different angles and reflections to play with.

Under the Dearborn Street Bridge
Under the Dearborn Street Bridge
Under the State Street Bridge

Of course the views from on top of the bridges are amazing – some of the best city views there are.  It’s nice to see pieces of the skyline along the river, the different architectural styles, the different geometric shapes of the buildings and all the lights reflecting in the windows and in the river.

Looking down Wabash Street Bridge
Riverwalk Stairs at Veteran’s Memorial Plaza
The view West from the Wabash Avenue Bridge

I’m very lucky to live so close to such an amazing city and that I get to go take photos of it as often as I do.  I could spend days/weeks/months wandering and never be done.

With my 2017 – Focus, Intent & Stories post I said I would be posting more often, long, short and in between moment stories.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this small little section and story of Chicago and I do hope if you’re ever in the area you let me know – I love taking people out shooting downtown!

As always, prints are available for purchase by clicking on the image you’re interested in.

Thank you for allowing me to share my stories.  What about you, do you have any Chicago stories to tell?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments here on this blog.

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  1. Fantastic photos, Lauri. It’s such a beautiful city!

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