Leaving the Camera Behind (gasp!)

Airport Opportunities

There are reasons. Honest there are!

I recently went down to Brownsville, TX to spend several days with my mom.  It’s what we do as we all get older, spend time with, take care of and just generally check in, check up on and make sure all is well.  I’ve learned over the years that it’s ok to leave my camera at home for these trips.  Especially now as it’s just my mom and as she becomes less active we don’t venture out much, if at all.  If we do, it’s a movie, doctor’s office or to visit someone over lunch.

Now, I’m the first one to tell you that there are ALWAYS ALWAYS photo opportunities, no matter where you are.  There are.  I generally live by that statement.  These trips are no different, or maybe they are.  Maybe in my head I just don’t ‘feel’ the creativity when I’m there for whatever reason (I have my theories but they don’t need to be delved into here.) Airports on the other hand offer up a gazillion opportunities! (Check out Levi Sim and his #airportphotowalk hashtag!)

My favorite place to shoot at Terminal 3, O’Hare in the morning.
Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport

This time after the first day I decided to just record a few things along the way with my phone.  You know, the best camera I had with me.  The thing about the phone camera is that you can get into places you might not be able to with a larger camera, better angles, better compositions.  It can be very freeing and allow you to let go of the perfectionist in you (yes, you…I know as a photographer you have that in you).  Take fun shots, shoot from the car, don’t worry about it being an amazing shot. Just shoot.

It also got me paying more attention to details around my mom’s home.  Memories that have been shared.  Family heirlooms, keepsakes, and memories.

The crazy squirrel lamp.
Mom’s handiwork.
Handmade Quilt by Mom
Mom through a glass orb.
Dad and his hat.

Also just random things that caught my eye while sitting around!

I did spend a few hours at the local library branch so I could get some work done.  You know what was there?  Photo ops!  (Of course!!  Oh…and books, lots of books!)

That’s it.  Leaving the camera at home isn’t so bad now, is it?  It’s always a struggle when packing for trips like this, bring camera, don’t bring camera, bring camera, don’t bring camera – the dialogue hurts my brain!

As always, my images are available for sale. If there is something that catches your eye in this post let me know.

What about you?  Do you ALWAYS take your camera on trips?  What do you do if you don’t? Do you make the best of the non-photography related trips anyway?  Tell me your trip stories! Leave me a comment – I’d love to hear other perspectives on this.

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  1. I love the black and white picture of the man walking with a suitcase. It really has an impact on me. I find it very powerful. Great job!

    1. Thank you Alin! It’s not always about the gear and technical stuff!! Good luck on your own journey, I look forward to following along!

  2. That’s awesome, thanks for sharing! ? I usually bring my camera along but there are times when I love to just be in the moment and really fully enjoy the place I am without a camera. It also gives me fresh eyes to see things perhaps I would have missed if I was looking into the lens of a camera. I do absolutely love taking photos, but I’ve learned over the years the beauty in leaving it behind (maybe not for the whole trip, but just for the day, etc.)

    1. We do tend to not “BE” when we have the camera in our face. I’ve learned to stop doing that, to take in the place where I am, to SEE what is around me, to FEEL what I feel in that place and moment. I’m glad to hear this resonated with you!! Thank you for reading and commenting.

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