2017 – Focus, Intent & Stories

I tend to get involved in too much, I like being involved until it becomes a distraction and veers me off my path.  Sometimes I do things thinking they are part of my path, how else do you find out if they are or not if you don’t try?  Then I become overwhelmed and hardly anything gets done. I know I’m not the only one who does this.


Quit.  Call me a quitter, but I’ve given up several things in the last month or so.  I stepped down from helping to moderate the Black & White project on Google+.  It’s a great bi-weekly themed photography project if you’re looking for something to – you know – get involved in!    I did not renew my membership in the local community Art Group, it didn’t take THAT much time but then I felt guilty for not being more active.  I discontinued my journey in The Arcanum. If you’re looking for something different to push your art forward, it’s worth checking out.  Two years and I’ve learned a ton!  The decision has been made to not participate in art fairs this summer.  Too much time, too little payoff.  These are a few things – the more major things that I’m stepping away from.

Canon on Rust - Be More
The thing is, when I just go with the flow and let things happen it seems to go better, maybe because there are no expectations, no real deadlines to meet and I don’t feel pressure.  Doesn’t sound all that responsible does it?  If you must know I’m not fond of responsibility, never have been!  I do have intentions and considerations for what I want to do and where I would like my art and life to go. I will do something every day towards those intentions.  (Goals is not a word in my vocabulary either.)


As for this blog – stay tuned.  I said in a previous post that it will be more active, it will change and eventually become my website end all and be all.  That will take time as I am slowly learning how WordPress will work for what I want to do.

As I’m going through this process I will be sharing images of course, I am a photographer, but also stories.  I’m finding that if I give these posts a purpose it’s helping me focus and helping me go through my images, cull, edit and share.  I have always shared my images via printed photo albums in the ‘old’ days and so many places with social media and photography sites in the last 5 or 6 years.  I’ve also removed myself from several of those photo sites – too many places to upload not only takes time but pulls focus away.


I have many stories to tell with photographs.  I’ve been shooting for 40ish years.  Many trips, travels, explorations and images to share.  I’ll start with digital and go back to cull, edit and post those and then I’ll consider going back even further with my prints.  The prints take time though as they need to be scanned or sent somewhere to scan so I have them digitally.  Anyway, that’s ahead of where I am now.


Where am I?  I’d like you to help me determine the stories.  I have a list started of stories to tell:

La Verriere ~ Cannes
North Dakota
Arctic Abstracts
Finding Your Artistic Voice Retreat
Isle de San Margarite ~ Cannes
Bluff City Fen
Fox River Bridges ~ Elgin
San Francisco
The Arcanum
About a zillion Chicago stories

This is for starters! ha. No shortage of images or stories!!  Which story do you want to see and hear next?  Please let me know in the comments and the topic chosen the most will be next.  Sound good?  I’ll continue that way, having you help me choose what story to tell next, it will help me focus!

I’d also love if you helped me grow my audience here, the more the merrier! Consider sharing this blog, I would be forever grateful.

Can’t wait to see what the next post is going to be about!



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  1. So many great stories to choose from — How about artic abstracts to start!

    1. Thanks Lou!! I have been itching to get on that one and go back to edit an image for it every once in awhile! Appreciate you taking the time to read this and participate!

  2. This sounds so wonderful and I can’t wait to hear your stories or at least more of them. Good luck with downsizing, thinking of doing all this myself and going back to writing.

    1. Thanks so much Paula! It’s hard to focus on what needs to be focused on and what feels right when there is so much out there. I’ve never been much of a writer necessarily but with the images it makes it easier!

  3. Definitely the retreat! And then maybe, Bruges. I visited there in 1990, and it was absolutely beautiful! Then again, I love your Arctic abstract, and there’s always Chicago…and then…..

  4. What a great read Lauri. I too get distracted with too many things mostly because I am just fascinated by new ideas, etc. I think you are a wise woman; just go with the flow and let things happen indeed! I would love to hear about all of your adventures but I will start with Ventimiglia! I have not been there yet but it is on my list. I will do my best to support you best I can. I love your artistry and as you know, you inspire me to see the world differently when I look through my camera lens so a big thank you for that.♥ Go girl!

    1. Thank you so much Angela for reading and commenting. I love every single bit of support you have given me over the past year or more – and am very appreciative of you and the support!!

  5. A fantastic read, and so much adventure ahead of you!
    So many choices – I’m going to suggest you start close to home, and then ‘travel’ from there – Fox River Bridges ~ Elgin.

    1. Yes to adventures! Thank you for reading and adding your vote! Glad to have you along for the ride Al!!

  6. There is so much power in saying “no.” None of us can do and be all and do it well. I love that you are picking what you want to do. I want to hear all of your stories – probably the Chicago ones the most as I see more of that in your work and I want to know more of the story. It is a city I want to visit again and have my own personal tour guide! And the retreat and the doors that opened for you. I wish you all the best in this new venture!

    1. So true Cathy, I’ve learned a lot in the last year and learning to say no was probably one of the hardest things to learn. Thank you so much for your sharing and support, it is so appreciated. Anytime you’re in Chicago let me know!!

  7. I can’t wait to see all your stories! This reminds me of RGW when she asks “What would you be willing to give up to make your dreams come true” (I’m paraphrasing, I don’t remember the exact words).

    I think all stories will rock, but I’m partial to North Dakota and Elgin!

    1. Well that’s quite a compliment to be reminded of RGW! In due time I hope many of the stories will be told! Thanks for reading and commenting Elizabeth!

  8. Hi Lauri,

    Well, I particularly like your Arctic work, but perhaps something new. Great post, last year was a difficult one and finding focus and defining my intent is exactly where I’m at right now, First step is working on my website, still a WIP, but the process of writing things down help to crystallise thoughts, so blog posts to continue that process are next.

    I suspect that over time you may return to some of the things you’ve let go, but it’s a brave thing to do to step away from the comfort of the known and redefine your purpose. Good luck Lauri, look forward to your future blogs.


    1. Chris – thank you for your kind comments, eventually I’ll get to it all! I’m glad the post resonated with you, we are all still works in progress! I really appreciate the support and encouragement you’ve offered me over the last year or so, it means a lot! Best to you and your endeavors for 2017 as well!

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