Massage Therapy – Cross Promotion!

The holidays!  Stress?  Need a massage? Need last minute gifts?

I thought I’d take this opportunity to do a little cross promotion with International Medical Massage Association.  

This is twofold – you can call or email Mike Devo to purchase a gift card or you can make an appointment on the website for yourself or someone else. If you purchase a gift card you will get $10 off an appointment you book and keep for yourself, or you can just book a massage and tell him I sent you and you will receive $10 off.


How am I able to do this?  Well it just so happens that Mike is my hubby.  Trying to help him build his clients and also hopefully help you with any pain issues you may have!  He opened a new office in St. Charles and would love to help you out!

If you have any questions just let me know.



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