Doing the Work


Lots of thoughts in my head lately (laugh, go ahead), more than usual which is scary.  Scary and making me crazy!

Going through some sort of self doubt adventure at the moment.  Oh boy is that fun!  Sigh.  I won’t go into the details but I do know that I’m not alone, I do know that many creatives go through this every once in awhile.  I also know that I’ll get through it, over it and eventually move on.  I’m trying to move on a teeny tiny bit at a time for now.

Working on doing the work. Figuring out how to revamp the way I do the work. Trying to motivate myself to do the work.  Trying also not to beat myself up too much for not doing the work some days.

I will be trying some new ways of ‘getting myself out there’ in the months to come.  Hopefully you’ll join me on this journey!  I’m quite sure it’ll be entertaining and will also possibly help you push through some things maybe you need to push through as well.  I hope so as one of the things that I can’t help but do (thank you Ron Clifford), is to help people.  There will be more on me helping you in the months to come as well.  Stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, part of what I’m working on is cleaning up my photography files.  Going back through the archives to keyword, cull and edit images that haven’t seen the light of day (or night in this case!) yet.  I am going to start sharing them, daily? weekly? monthly?  Likely they’ll get shared whenever I feel like it! I will shoot for the daily thing to start, starting….ummm not sure yet.  How’s that for commitment!  Actually I’ll be traveling again in the next week and a bit offline so won’t commit to anything until I get back.

Where are you going now Lauri?  I swear I don’t travel as much as people think I do, or as much as I’d like to!  This trip, will be life changing though, I can feel it.  I will be joining Karen Hutton in France to find my Artist Voice.  I’m really looking forward to working hard to help myself this time.  Of course the location is amazing and magical and there is likely to be a little bit of wine, lots of laughter and photography!  I will report back after I’m back and maybe a snippet or two while there.

So, here’s me rambling a bit.  Letting you know a little bit about where I am, where I’m heading, how I might get there, and here’s me hoping you come along. It’s more fun with friends.

As for the image?  Ice Castles in Eden Prairie, MN this past February.  If you’re ever anywhere near one of their locations I highly recommend seeing them!  Here is a great post from A.D. Wheeler on the Ice Castles in Stratton, VT last year.

I know I owe a few of you blog posts on specific topics I asked about in a previous post.  I promise I will get to them!

Anything else you’d like to know?  Questions? Suggestions?  Going through your own creative/direction/motivation slump, what are you doing to get yourself out of it?  Tell me in the comments!


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  1. Hi Lauri – I can empathize with your situation, as we all go through it at times. One suggestion I have for your blog is to use the scheduling feature to continue putting new content out there even when you are traveling. Guess I should take my own advice, too…

    1. Thanks Karen! I am working toward scheduling social media/blog posts in the next ‘phase’ of whatever this is I am doing! 🙂 That would mean writing posts in advance – novel concept as mostly when I blog it’s quite spur of the moment. It’s a journey we’re all on and continually learning how and what works best for each of us!

  2. Thanks for sharing your process and your thoughts. I hope you adventure this week proves to be transformative and you can gain some of the clarity you’ve been seeking

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