Here’s a lesson learned. Sometimes when learning in groups of people, it’s easy to take other people’s opinions and toss them aside. Not in a mean way, but in a “they have no idea what I was trying to do with this image and I’m not them and this is what THEY would do, not what I would do, sort of way. After posting this image in a mentorship type group I am in,  I did mention that I should probably take out the white house on the left….it is a bit distracting but…I’m a big Realist (for those who don’t already know me). I shoot what’s there, I don’t shoot to manipulate or change what I saw. Anyway – this person agreed and also said I should take out all the white spots along the shore. I get it. I do, and I did. I still get it and agree. (don’t tell that person! hahaha) But, it was also a lake, with a shoreline, with houses on it.

So…in the end I suppose it would depend on what my intentions were/are with the final image. This one? I have no idea. In all honestly I’m not sure I should have even spent any time editing it at all. For what? Will it sell? Will I hang it in my home? I’ll post it online but for what? Well, in this case to show a lesson learned.

I’m stubborn sometimes with editing – I like what I like and what I do. I appreciate and respect what others do and their skills. I also stay pretty hard and fast to who I am as a photographer. Mostly. I do play, it’s how I learn. Sometimes those play times produce quite wonderful results!

So – there’s a little lesson today – most of us I know are quite open minded or we wouldn’t be in these groups trying to push forward and learn more, but…be open minded! more. always. Even when there are reasons (whatever they may be) that you wouldn’t normally choose to listen to someone else.

Mini Lake Iceberg-2Mini Lake Iceberg

If you feel so compelled and moved by this and would like your own print for your own home click on the lower image and you can buy it!

So, what do you think?  Better without the house and other houses along the shore?  What would you do with this photo?   Let me know your thoughts, I’d love to hear them!

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  1. I feel something when I see the picture with the dwellings. What or even why is of less importance that the simple fact that I do. The edited one is nice but the raw one has an impact on me.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Reverend Theo! It just goes to show that everyone, every single one of us, sees the world differently and what we see all affects us each differently as well.

  2. I’m right there with ya on the keeping it real thing. I don’t even own Photoshop. However…when I’m making an image for arts sake–I tend to look at things a bit differently. I am making art. Had I drawn/painted the ice photo you took–I wouldn’t have added the house. I think your removal of the house is a great choice on that image.

    (Now, if I were taking a photo of a family playing on the frozen over lake, in their neighborhood–I would leave the house. That’s part of their everyday, and their scenery and I would want it in there for them.)

    Either way–it is a great shot!

    1. Thanks Melissa – seems so few of us not using PS these days. I have it and am learning for some things and just using it to play sometimes. Good points in comparing it to creating art for art’s sake and looking at the image in that way.

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